JNB International - JNBInternational Co. ABSOLUTELY SUCKS!! READ ON to find out why.

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JNBInternational is a company that makes car washes for public facilities (mostly gas stations). I would recommend never doing business with this company if you are a business owner and need a carwash installed (which costs no small amount and is in demand in thousands of places across the world).

THEY HAVE blatantly lied in their commercials, saying that they create the best carwashes in the world. LOL!!

THEY HAVE disgraced the name of good service, and they have no regard for their loyal customers. A carwash from JNBInternational is about as good as getting your 7-year old brother or son to clean your car using nothing but a pail of mud and a toothbrush.

THEY HAVE terrible revision skills. They must have have received 10,000 complaints over the years from businesses. Why then, do the carwashes facilities remain destitute and the people remain unpleased? A carwash, often seen as an amenity or 'extra' for the customer, cannot fail to please the consumer.

Finally, THEY HAVE done nothing with their great 'customer service' to abate the agony caused by their terrible product. Constant breakdowns and issues with the coding system (customers receive 5 digit codes to activate their supposedly effective and powerful wash) have driven business owners like myself to the edge.

The time has come to take a stand against the tyranny of the business world, starting with the worst company on Earth, JNBInternational the Dismal.

What you can do:

1) Email 'info@jnbint.com' (optional: cuss them out)

2) Do not buy any of JNB's products.

Review about: Car Washing.

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